We are a volunteer operated organization

Our Mission

LIFE House for Animals is a no-kill canine and feline adoption facility with managed intake. Our mission is to nurture, celebrate, and reinforce the human-animal bond with successful animal adoptions, preventing overpopulation of pets and providing community education and awareness of animal issues. Our mission is accomplished by making permanent placements based on the individual needs of the animals and adopters.

What We Believe

Euthanasia of animals due to overpopulation will not be performed at the facility. If an animal is fortunate enough to make it to L.I.F.E. House, it will remain there until a home is found whether it takes a day, a week, a month, or a year. As a managed intake facility, our guest’s health and temperament will be assessed prior to acceptance.  We must determine if we have the ability to meet the needs of this animal and provide the quality of care it deserves while in our facility as we nurture and prepare it for adoption.

Our Story

Without the generous donation of the land by our founder, benefactor and Guardian Angel C. Michael Davenport our promise of a bright future for our lost and forgotten animals would never have come to fruition. As developer of the adjacent Prevention Park, Michael aptly named the street on which we are located, Fido, after his beloved ShihTzu.

Wendell F. Butler took on the herculean task of dealing with the governmental red tape to establish us as a legal nonprofit facility.

Betty J. Martin, has given so freely of herself in enabling the daily function and ongoing challenges of maintaining the facility and finding loving homes for our “guests”. For her, this is not a job, it is her “L.i.F.E”.

We are so grateful for the hands and hearts of those in our community upon whom we depend. It is our Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts and the generous individuals and companies who give so freely of their time and their love of animals that make
it all possible.


L.i.F.E House is a dream, it’s a challenge, it’s a hope for a future where all pets are loved and well taken care of;

after all,

isn’t that what they do for us.

A message from our President:
Betty J. Martin

I was invited to be a part of the founding of L.I.F.E. House For Animals because of my love and experience working with animals at a local veterinary clinic.  I had the knowledge of the health needs of the animals and the guidelines of running a pet care facility.  I was – and am – truly honored to be a part of this dream.  I am so blessed to have the opportunity to care for God’s creatures every day and help others find joy in adopting their next “best friends.”  The other benefit is getting to meet and work alongside so many wonderful volunteers. Without LIFE House, our paths would never have crossed.  They are truly inspiring to me!

In 2018, the Board of Directors voted to rename L.I.F.E. House For Animals in my honor.  The Betty J. Martin L.I.F.E. House For Animals, Inc.  So amazing – and humbling!  It is a lot of hard work, but it takes many hands to make it succeed.

As for my personal furry friends, I get attached to each of our guests and am tempted to take each one home with me.  My companions who share my home are 6 dogs and 2 cats; 2 chihuahuas – Little Bit & Lucy, 2 Jack Russell mix- Izzy and Harvey; a ShihTzu mix- Dottie; and a Jack Russell/Beagle mix- Nancy.  Our cats are Sugar Ray and Frankie.  Yes, they are all L.I.F.E. House alumni!  I am the “kid in the candy store.”

The success of this dream is possible through the incredible public support we have experienced in our 18 years of operation.  This support has come through monetary contributions, volunteerism, and public relations to find homes for the animals.

Thank you for joining us in our dream.

Our current Board of Directors

Betty J. Martin
Stephen D. Burchett
DVM, Vice President
Lisa J. Smith
Chris Musinski
Shelter Manager


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